Conexia has over 17 years of experience developing real-time, point-of-care IT solutions for the healthcare industry. Our model connects all healthcare stakeholders via an online platform to enable real-time exchange of information, better care coordination, and faster decision making. By easing administrative burdens, Conexia promotes a healthcare system that’s better for payers, better for providers and better for patients.

Wherever it’s been implemented, Conexia’s real time model has transformed the health industry by redefining the flow of information between insurers, providers and patients. Our demonstrated results in multiple health markets led the New York-based nonprofit Endeavor to identify Conexia as a high impact company


Working with our team

With steady growth since 2004, Conexia is at the forefront in the field of information technology applied to the healthcare industry. We offer employees the opportunity to develop professionally in a dynamic and innovative environment. We are committed to providing a great place to work, where our colleagues are supported in their career development.

We are B

We are B

Being B is an essential portion of our culture refers to responsible behavior with the environment and extends to all fields of Conexia, including how we do business. Conexia was certified in 2013, as a B Corp by B Lab, an ONG that grants this distinction to companies that adapt and promote the execution of the responsible citizenship.